What Was Left Out is a project dealing with Moallech, a Judeo-Spanish manuscript which was created in the Maghreb countries of North Africa. Moallech’s original script was influenced by the surrounding culture and is visually similar to Arabic script. The script was in use until the first half of the 20th century, before being replaced by Ashkenazi letters – in which Hebrew is written to this day. 
As part of my project, I learned to read and write in the historical script. I created a graphic book that presented my research on the script from a typographic and visual perspective.
The last part of my book is devoted to examining the cultural exclusion of Maghreb Jewry from a broader perspective. I believe the disappearance of the script is part of a wider phenomenon that includes the elimination of the language, culture, customs and traditions of Sephardic Jewry.
The project was made possible and is based on Yael Baruch's work.
What Was Left Out won the 2020 AlefAlefAlef Award of Excellence in Typography and the 2020 Meisler Design Prize.